Time and Stress Management


Short information

An efficient time management is the key to manage all the tasks and projects of your business and private life. This course will help you to reach your individual goals by learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively.

To keep work and private life in balance you will learn to identify individual stress factors and to use effective methods to reduce stress. Additionally, you will learn how you can get more done in less time by eliminating time wasting habits and by replacing them with time management skills.


  • Basics of time management,
  • Setting goals and priorities,
  • Basics of stress,
  • Managing of stress,
  • Time and stress types – which type are you?
  • Effective planning of days, weeks, and months,
  • Best practice for job, office, and IT.

This seminar is optimal as/for …

English, online seminar, face-to-face seminar, in-house seminar, open seminar, individuals


Managers, employees, research assistants in homogeneous groups

Number of participants

6 to a maximum of 12 persons; live in compliance with hygiene concepts

Technical notes (only for online courses)

Prerequisite for participation is a stable Internet connection (WLAN, flat rate), headset or loudspeaker with microphone, ideally video camera, installed PDF reader, according to possibility and topic Word, Excel, PowerPoint or as OpenOffice, largely undisturbed working environment.



Fach- und Methodenkompetenz


  • Zeitmanagement


  • Selbstführung
  • Selbstmanagement
  • Selbstreflexion
  • Stressmanagement
  • Zeitmanagement


Dieses Seminar bieten wir auch in englischer Sprache an. This seminar we also offer in English language.Dieses Seminar ist hervorragend geeignet für Teams und/oder homogene Gruppen, wie z. B. Führungskräftegruppen nach Ebene. Dies erhöht den vertrauensvollen internen Austausch.Dieses Seminar gibt es auch oder aussschließlich als Online-Version.Live durchgeführt als Präsenzseminar entfaltet dieses Seminarkonzept die beste und intensivste Wirkung – nach wie vor. Aktuelle Hygieneauflagen werden selbstverständlich beachtet.


2 x 8 AE; 4 x 4 AE (Arbeitseinheiten á 45 min) | 2 x 8 working units (WU); 4 x 4 WU


Auf Anfrage; inhouse je nach Terminwunsch jederzeit möglich | On request


Auf Anfrage | On request